Private Tuition

Private Lesson

Impact Dance Studios offer private tuition for any student, whether this be ongoing or a one-off class. We will tailor the class to suit your specific needs, working towards the goals you have set yourself.

We offer choreography classes, working towards perfecting an audition / festival dance. This gives the student the chance to work with one of our teachers, exploring movements that suit their style and demonstrate their full potential, vital for auditions and competitions.

Technique classes offer the chance to focus on the specific technique of a particular movement. This can be highly beneficial to your success in exams and competitions, allowing confidence to grow in an area which may have caused anxiety previously. These classes can also focus on general technique of a certain genre, to provide a “catch up” to get you to a certain standard.

Strengthening & limbering classes aim to improve flexibility and strength. Whether this is a specific muscle group or overall, we will focus on specific exercises and stretches to achieve your goals. We will also provide a detailed plan of all the exercises to take away with you, allowing you to continue your improvement at home.